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Let's Face It

FAQ -- Skin Thickening Smooth Threads

Author: Brianna Ynzunza

FAQ -- Skin Thickening Smooth Threads
Skin thickening, collagen building smooth threads are the perfect solution for thinning, crepey skin on your jawline, cheeks*, below chin and neck. As your body absorbs the sugar threads, your collagen builds and takes its place leaving you with thickened, collagen-rich plump skin.
Who is a good candidate?
Anyone who has thinning skin in the areas listed and doesn't have a history of Keloids.
What do the threads do?
Threads signal to your tissue to build new collagen and elastin fiber. The growth of collagen and elastin will thicken your skin and give it more structure to help keep it plump.
How long do the threads last?
The short answer is up to a year, but the threads dissolve quickly and are replaced with your own collagen immediately. Your newly formed collagen gives your skin the natural rejuvenation you were looking for!
What is the downtime?
Some slight swelling and possible bruising just like filler or botox for a few days. 
How do I prepare for my appointment?
Stop blood thinners a week before, alcohol, aspirin, advil, coumadin. Come with clean skin.
When will I notice the results?
In 3-4 weeks, you'll begin to see the results. On average, it takes 28 days for collagen to build once induced.

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