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Let's Face It

All About Threads!

Author: Brianna Ynzunza

All About Threads!

Did you know that threads are basically collagen stimulators

Threads are essentially bio-activators that stimulate your skin to induce collagen. With threads, we can create collagen grids, lift fullness, and re-shape faces. Although they dissolve in 12 weeks, the results can last up to 2 years, giving you non-surgical results using minimally invasive treatments. 

Toss your contour to the side! Threads are a great tool to help naturally give the face and neck a natural boost and can also be used to achieve a natural non-surgical brow lift. Threads are typically used to treat the upper, mid, or lower face for a soft yet defined look. 

Our providers don’t just use threads for lifting, but thickening the skin that has loss of elasticity. Threads allow our providers to help delicate areas like the skin under the chin that connects to the upper neck that tends to lose its structure over time. 


These results that last are actually from your own tissue being activated by these completely dissolvable sutures, giving you a naturally elevated appearance. These same sutures have been used in surgery for decades to close up delicate organ tissue. 

Much like any treatment, Natural Intention Beauty Guidance is key! Just like with poor filler results, there are poor thread techniques. The wrong threads being used in the wrong areas, and low-quality threads can cause a lot of variables in results. At The Things We Do, our providers use premium threads from Korea, use the safest and best techniques, and always start conservatively and add only if we need to. This ensures natural, appropriate progress for your best, most gorgeous self.  

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