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Let's Face It

3 ways to build collagen

Author: Joshua Flores

3 ways to build collagen

First thing's first, what is collagen?

Collagen is a long protein strand that gives structure to your skin. Over time, our bodies naturally produce less collagen resulting in laxity in our skin and a less plump appearance. While slower production is unavoidable, there are things we can do to encourage our bodies to create more naturally.‚Ā†

Your body naturally produces more collagen when you have an injury. In fact Collagen and Vitamin C are among the top two supplements athletes take to ensure fast muscle recovery. 

To encourage our bodies to produce a surge of collagen, we can create controlled damage and we can supplement it. 

1. Threads: Controlled damage.

Threads are dissolvable sutures that are placed under the skin. There are two different types of threading procedures.

Lifting Threads pull back skin to lift and tighten skin.

Smooth Threads are placed in a grid pattern to support the skin and create a foundation for collagen.

2. PRFM: Supplemented collagen.

PRFM stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix. Using blood passed through a centrifuge, the patient's platelets are extracted and injected back into areas of the skin that are thinning or crepey. The combination of platelets along with growth factors has been seen to induce collagen production. 

3. Microneedling: Controlled damage.

Microneedling is a great treatment you can do at one of our locations or at home with our Dew & Go microneedling stamper. In addition to creating channels to help the serum penetrate better into your skin, the tiny needles, the stamper creates tiny controlled pinpricks on the skin to encourage the body to create more collagen. 

The original Hydrate Skin Brew serum contains Snail Mucin and Moringa for extra hydration.

The Brighten Skin Brew serum is our plant-based version made with Licorice, Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid to combat hyperpigmentation exclusively available on Poosh. 



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