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A SPECIAL--Collagen Building Skin Thickening Threads

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Skin-thickening, collagen-building threads are the perfect solution for thinning, crepey skin on your jawline, cheeks*, neck and below chin. As the sugar threads dissolve, your collagen builds and takes its place leaving you with thickened, collagen-rich, plump skin.

Save 10% off one area, regularly $750-- now $675

Save 15% off two areas, regularly $1,500--now $1,275

Save 15% off three areas, regularly $2,250--now $1,900

Save 15% off four areas, regularly $3,000--now $2,550

With each treatment, you will also receive a gift with a reusable silicone sheet mask to lock in at-home masks, an antimicrobial scrubber for gentle exfoliation and a sheet mask for your individual needs (evaluated by your provider)


The fine print:

Must be purchased by July 30, 2021.

Cannot be combined with other offers.

Offer must be redeemed by September 20, 2021.

*Each cheek is ONE area.

If you are unsure about how many areas you would like to treat and prefer to wait until you're with a provider, please purchase one for $675 as a deposit. When you meet with your provider, she will assess your individual needs and if she suggests multiple areas, we will honor the special pricing at that time.